Japan Tengsu And Its Effect

Japan Tengsu sex enhancement pills for males is a renown yang-strengthening product sold around the world. The main component of this drug is Spinacia oleracea.it is a magic herb that has grown in Ogasawara Islands. It can boost kidney functions. This natural herbal male enlargement pills functions quickly to help penis in rock hard erection & prolong intercourse effectively.


Japan Tengsu has been listed as one of most effective and safe drugs for sex enhancement because it has no toxic or side effect. This pill is widely accepted not only in japan but in other countries too.

The main ingredients of this pills are Spinacia Oleracea Extract, Starch, Male Deer Penis Extract, etc. This product is intended of Yohimbe bark which is a kind of evergreen plant that grows in Africa. Its unique healthcare action has been known for seventy years ago, and it is purely natural.

In combination with the physical training, the athletes take the pill for making full of their physical forte. More frequently, it’s used to enhance the sexual function and can congest the blood vessels in the sexual organs. It helps to increase the circulation of blood in sexual organs & can apparently improve the impotence & premature ejaculation

Japan Tengsu also can effectively extend the duration for sexual intercourse & improve sexual sensation of males without any of the above symptoms. A current clinical study stated on urological magazine that “Yohimbe bark” is of healing effect on over ninety percent of patient who have faced sexual disorder or impotence.


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