Samurai-X Pill – The X Factor of Sexual Performance

Samurai-X Pill is a proven formulation for penis enlargement herbal sex enhancement supplement. It is helpful to increase the sexual stamina of a man. Samurai-X Pill is an ancient formula & unique sexual stimulant specially designed to increase the sexual stamina & ecstasy. No other pill produces the similar ecstatic sexual excitement. It helps to get increased fast & hard erection and helps to greatly lengthens the periods of arousal, & significant increases the ability to maintain sexual intercourse before the climaxes. These are all the manifestations of its advanced formula.


Samurai-X Pill provides you fast erection. It will increase your performance and sexual desire to a surprising extent. This is a best choice for male sexual enhancements. The main ingredients of the pill are L-arginine, Octacosanol, Maca extract, Royal Jelly, Horney goat weed, Damiana leaf, Tribulus extract, saw palmetto, Muira puama extract.

Homy goat weed aka “Yin Yang Huo- genus Epimedium,” is traditionally used as an effective aphrodisiac. It is also used for the treatment for fatigue and lower back pain. The Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a proven folk medicine with the centuries of use. It is a well-known aphrodisiac & an operative treatment for the issue of impotence. The Tribulus heightened the sexual behavior & increases the intravenous pressure. It was attributed to upsurges in testosterone.

After taking one capsule of Samurai, man can get the erection frequency, & medicine makes the penis bigger & thicker. The effect after the consumption of this drug can last for upto 120 hours. It can be taken with luke warm water 15 minutes before sex. You can also chew this pill with empty stomach for better results.


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