Zhengongfu – The Herbal Power Booster

The “Zhengongfu” is a new type of pure organic medicine which is processed by the natural super polymerization technology, having the extracts of twenty-six types of nucleotide acid & ginseng glucoside as well as minerals, easy be absorb. The pill is developed under the instruction of Double Drive Approach of male, Zhengongfu is scientifically enriched, have the advanced technology with fast, no harm, great duration, fully improves the male drive of the kidney a&nd tolerance.


The all natural and herbal ingredients include in Zhengongfu are lilac glucoside, Ginseng, lily, garlic, fruit of the Chinese wolfberry, Chinese angelica, Epimedium Leaf, aweto, merinda officinalis etcetera.

The notable functions of Zhengongfu are that it reproduces blood, restore energy, solves impotence & the early ejaculation, improves the kindney function, prostate diseases, small penis, male & female frigidity, sterility of long marriage, pains of having sex, awkwardness, sore wrist & feel poor sleep, spermatorrhoea, poor memory, baldness, white hairs, mentally depression, etc.

The target crowd for the pill are middle aged & older male adults who’re physically weak having a kidney dysfunction, early ejaculation, penis shrinking & shortening scarce sexual needs, poor sex drive, low libido, low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation etc.

The ingredients of Zhengongfu are all natural and are proven long lasting sex enhancer. No prescription is required as it is completely herbal and side effects free, & you just have to take a pill according to the given instructions.

It is advised not to take Zhengongfu if you’ve high blood pressure, liver disease, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, or if you’re pregnant. The pill is prepared for the people of age of 18+.


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