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The Effects of Lishou, And Meizitang

Lishou is one of the bestselling medication as compared to other weight loss supplements. It is completely natural and made up of herbal ingredients. You’ll feel the effects of appetite suppressant working instantly within the same day. As a renowned fact, your appetite isn’t the only reason why you cannot lose weight. More significantly, your metabolism rate is low that means you do not burn calories which you consume every-day & in time it becomes the reason for the accumulation of fat. For burning fat cells that are stored in body tissues efficiently, Lishou Capsules uses the complete mechanism of rising you metabolic rate.


Meizitang is also known as botanical slimming, botanical slimming soft gel and botanical slimming capsule. Meizitang botanical slimming soft gel pills are made-up of a perfect combination of herbal extracts and natural plants that historically possess the mythical slimming properties in China. Meizitang adopts several kinds of natural plants which possess the function of weight loss and keeping your nice figure in shape. These plants, for example jobstears, tarragon, nice slimming grass, hoof bamboo shoot, psyllium shell, lotus etc., are extracted carefully & purified with advanced modern technology for making botanical slimming soft gel capsules.

Slim Xtreme

Accurate combination of herbal ingredients and natural extracts in scientifically proven formula of Slim Xtreme slimming capsules promotes the thermogenesis procedure i.e. heat production of body. Thermic effects grounds for an increase in metabolism rate (reflected by the increase in consumption of oxygen) associated with transport, assimilation, digestion, absorption of ingested food. Just a capsule per day before or after breakfast with warm water is perfect dose for the slim xtreme.