Furunbao – Solution to Sexual Dysfunction

Furunbao is a natural herbal remedy which is made for treating erectile dysfunction & also used as a male enhancement product. When you take Furunbao your sexual craving will increase, you’ll boost immune system, protect against fatigue and strengthen your body. The benefits of the drug will last for approx. 72 hours.


The main ingredients of Furunbao are ox. Deer and Panax ginseng, Chinese Yam, Chinese date, Chinese wolfberry, Kidneys of sheep and Alpinia oxyphylla. Here is the breakdown of ingredients & what each is used for treating: –

  • Sheep, deer and ox kidneys are nature’s super food. While eaten from animal there’s a lot of cholesterol and fatty acid but it is off-set with high amount of protein that is important for the cell growth & nourishes the blood.
  • Panax ginseng is a type of ginseng you’ll find in several teas & food. It is used to treat premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, increases complete sense of well-being, increases physical stamina.
  • Chinese Yam increases the energy & your libido.
  • Chinese dates which is also called jujubes are used for treating fatigue & increase the strength on your muscles.
  • Another name for the Chinese wolfberry is Goji. You might have seen it on web or in the food / drinks as a superfood. It is used for treating poor circulation & erectile dysfunction.
  • And the last very important ingredient is Alpinia oxyphylla that is used for treating erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation.



Furunbao male pills are herbal and natural product which expands affectability, erection period and sexual longing.

Key Functions of Furunbao-

  • Remove impotency.
  • Enhance libido
  • Provide stamina & strength
  • Solution of premature ejaculation.

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