Kamsutram Oil – Massage Oil for Your Genital

Kamsutram Oil a very effective penis massage oil with natural and 100% safe Homoeopathic production blended with the essential secret aphrodisiac natural extracts and herbs suitable for the treatment of Penis erection problem. Kamsutram Oil is genuine massage oil of penis for harder, longer and stronger erection.


Kamsutram Oil is used & applied on the penis when there’s poor erection and leading to unsatisfactory performance of the sexual intercourse. Poor erection of penis is because of the constriction / blockage of blood vessels & also because of weakness of the penis muscles. This health issue is mainly present in cases of Weakness of Penis Muscles, Sexual impotency, in masturbation & excessive sexual intercourse, in obese people, in old age, in diabetic patients & many other ways.

Kamasutra Oil has lost of ingredients that create magic on the males and let them feel satisfy. These are:

  • Indian Winter Cherry aka Ashwagandha
  • Shilajit aka asphaltum
  • Lecithinum (Phosphorus-containing complex)
  • Organic body made from the egg’s yolk
  • Animal brains
  • China (China Officinalis / Cinchona Officinalis)

img-thing kama.jpg

Kamsutram Oil acts on locally damaged skin, & also on inner layer along with the sub layer of skin. The sub layer is packed with the capillaries & veins. It acts on the skin sub layer from outside in because it gets absorbed. The spongy-structure tissues of penis avert the Kamsutram Oil from penetrating into the core of 2 penile cylinders. It requires harder erection for Kamsutram Oil to get into those penile tubes. The hollow vacant spaces in spongy tissues are the obstacle of chemical diffusion (penetration) for Kamsutram Oil. Substantial filling spongy tissues with the blood will allow Kamsutram Oil ingredients to scatter into the core for the curative action & renewal.

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